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Raven's Way Counseling and Hypnosis

Life Life is not static, but ever changing and evolving. At times, change brings with it a sense of excitement and joy, and at other times, a turn of events leaves us disappointed, overwhelmed, sad, or disconnected from others and ourselves. Although therapy cannot stop the ups and downs of living, it can help us develop new strategies, new perceptions, and new behaviors that transform feelings of self-doubt and despair into resilient feelings of inner strength and fulfillment.

therapyTherapy can address a wide range of issues and can be short or long term depending on the specific situation. The pace and content of the sessions will be tailored to your needs. I first start by listening, and then ask questions to help clarify the focus of therapy. Together, you and I discuss options and set goals for the therapy process.

Thank you for visiting. I welcome your questions, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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